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PIE-RUNY (THE FIRST-RUNES, which means "being the source of a fruitful life"). Real Slavic writing. Below of the article, you can see 95 selected letters - or actually characters - of a Slavic, genetic dictionary. These are not what you know under the names: Głagolica, Bukwica and Runy. Vladimir Govorov, who compiled the following table, has been studying the Old Slavic periodical for a dozen or so years and very intensively since 2005. He has studied and developed up to 700 characters so far. I do not know how many Slavs had in total. Probably 1234. The Slavs received them shortly after the peace with the archontics bio-robots occupying the territory of present-day China. It was about 7524 years ago (counting from the year 2016) and the creator brought them called PIERON, coming from the planet Uraj. It's the same, whose words were written in the so-called Santi Wedach.

You can choose several of these characters and for protection, health and help restore genetic memory, hang them at home. These signs generate favorable for us swirl of radiation light. Who did not understand the principles of their functioning, could attributed to them magical properties. It is not magic, but physics.

The name GENETIC DICTIONARY is deliberately chosen and important in its meaning. DICTIONARY (SLOWNIK), not ALPHABET because the name of the first letter is not ALFA, but a WORD (SLOWO). Each letter, above all, illustrates something, and in the second row, it has a sound meaning. Therefore, to illustrate something, we have two options: Save in the form of a word, or use one letter symbolizing this thing.

GENETIC because the enslavement of people begins with the extinction of genetic degradation, but using the appropriate dictionary for our genetics, we support the proper functioning of our cells, protect them and help strengthen the energy vortices created in them, which carry the life information genetic present in space. By using the alphabets installed by our archontics enemies (various alien races), we are still controlled by their bio-robots, absolutely unaware that we act according to their programs, not our own will and programs created by ourselves.

It is known to us that changes in our genes occur, for example, through: programming eggs in women, harmful chemistry, laboratory manipulations of genes, or crosswords with other organisms. We do not realize, however, that there are also aggressive and lethal methods in its effectiveness. Their perfidy preys on the lack of human knowledge on this subject. Hardly anyone will take them as a real threat and most of us will include the themes of magical stories. Meanwhile, it's about physics - which, however, we know little.

The universe is electric. It is an orderly soup of the smallest particles, called Tachises. These particles are a component of everything. Program them, you can with the participation of geometry. Therefore, ethereal programmers, called in times of general ignorance - magicians, and before - in times of knowledge, Wiringami, DARjanjinami, Witeziami, etc., who most often use visualization in programming. In the case of programming something anew, ie something that did not exist yet, these visualizations are complicated, but each of the newly created visual programs is stored in the ether. With time, more and more developers and creators come to them, they can use them without having to program the same again. In this case, they use visualizations of a short nature, that is, more symbolic than retail, because each symbol is then assigned one of those ready-made programs created earlier by someone else.

In the case of programming something anew, ie something that did not exist yet, these visualizations are complicated, but each of the newly created visual programs is stored in the ether.
With time, more of them come, and the next developers, creators, can use them without having to program the same again.  In this case, they use visualizations of a short nature, that is, more symbolic than retail, because each symbol is then assigned one of those ready-made programs created earlier by someone else.

Symbols corresponding to ready programs stored in the ether, achieve forms so simplified that they equal the appearance of the Slavonic characters from the table below. That's what these signs are; a simplified form of programs according to which there are many processes in nature; including the regeneration of DNA.

Watching these characters more accurately, you may think about the so-called Sacred Geometry, but it is not quite so. Sacred Geometry is death, the invention of Archontics (Koszczaj), or races, which base their existence on parasitism.

Nature uses the truth of the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Proportion, etc., but only as a background, the theoretical basis, an approximate guideline. When translated into practice, it is never intentionally applied to it so accurately. Therefore, you will not find anywhere idealized geometry corresponding to the above, or even perfect symmetry, and the geometry always slightly deviating from the ideal. The ideal of geometrical, mathematical, symmetry, always leads to stasis, asexualism, total energy extinction, to death.

The dictionary of Slavs is a simplified, graphical representation of energy vortices. The Slavs were called WIR-INGAMI, WIR-INGLAMI (ruling with vortices of primary light) which was distorted on WIK-Ingów. Note that the alien Archontics that occupy the Earth automatically program us from the first part of this word: WIKI. It is very important for them not to discover ways to thwart the reprogramming of our minds and our genetics.

Energy turbulence occurs everywhere where nature deviates from the ideal. They arise as a result of small differences in the energy pressures that school's physics sometimes calls electromagnetism, sometimes magnetism, and sometimes electrostatics or gravity.

LIGHT, it's radiation, energy vortices. Light means the birth of life due to energy turbulence. To create the energy vortex two types of energy are always needed: Low-vibrational (planetary, feminine, called JIN) and high-vibration (scalar, cosmic, male, also called JAN energy, and by Archontics (Koszczajów) distorted to JANG).

These two types of energy, form coats that slide on one another. Between these coats, an energy underpressure is created. It is a thin layer in which the energy flows very poorly and which acts as insulation. In some cases it comes to small energy clashes, ie energy leaps between one energy coat and the other. They have the nature of implosion and trigger large amounts of energy.

On this simple principle, stars are also function - only there, the turbulence is more complex and they are arranged like twisted eights, Mobius strip, bent arched and spinning around the axis. The outer layer of the torus is created by JAN energy (AZUR-JAN), and the internal one by JUN (ASZA-JUN, or JIN). Between them, we have again created, thin layers of vacuum, acting as insulation, and in them, emerging plasma implosion. Plasma implosion occurs in these places of this thin layer, where for a short time the vacuume will decrease and ionise it. If nature were geometrically and mathematically perfect and functioned according to the sacred geometry, such energy shortcuts would not occur.

Places in which short circuits can be compared to energy portals, in a miniature form. Mini-implosies tear holes in spaces that separate dimensions from each other, which is why stars and planets usually exist in several dimensions at the same time.

The cells of our body capture the radiation of the cosmos and thanks to their form, they are also able to create energy turbulence. Inside, they come to resonance, that is to the overlap of waves, mutual reinforcement of them. The same properties have some crystals. In nature there are many forms that are able to accumulate and strengthen energy. That is why microcrystals contained in natural drinking water, or crystals of vitamin C and a few others are so important. The carbon structure of the crystal lattice of proteins is also able to function as a cumulator and enhancer in one.

The best example of such a protein is the component of Antigene Rhesus D. This protein perfectly captures cosmic energies and life information contained in them - thanks to which it is independent from the record contained in DNA and in the case of manipulations carried out on DNA, it can actively contribute to genetic regeneration, that is to reproduce the original state of DNA. Such high -proteins, vitamins, and even the close presence of real, oak forests (hard wood contains dense carbon structures) are therefore a splinter in the eyes of our masters, using us to create hybrids. They do not like it when nature destroys their genetic manipulations on us and restores everything to its original form.

A small introduction about energy vortices and their importance to the functioning of life in the universe is needed to notice and understand the convergence between them and the signs of the Slavic writing.

The signs can be printed in red and hang in the house, in visible places, but it is better to paint them with a brush. When printing, it is best if the printer pigments are mineral (you can recognize them after UV resistance). You can also paint a few selected characters with the best possible functioning of them.

Vladimir Govorov, researcher of the Slavic writing, experimented a lot. He proved by means of experiments that, for example, Latin characters, lead to the degradation of cells of living organisms. Exposing a sample of living cells with images of improper (including Latin or Cyrillic) letters for a long time had a devastating effect on them. Exposing holograms of Slavic characters, however, reversed the process of destruction, and supported the regeneration of cells.
It happened because the cells communicate with each other, and also take life information present in the entire cosmos, through light and radiation. By graphically distorting this light and feeding the cells with these distorted images for a long time, they are misled, distorting the light information coming from other cells and coming from the cosmos, which effectively disturbs the processes occurring in them. The forms of the letters of the alphabets introduced on the Earth by Archontics (Koszczaj), contradict the geometry found in nature.

The name LETTER is not accidental, which originated from it, officially owes LITOGRAPHY, and only this word, supposedly supposed to come from the Greek name of the stone - LITHOS. I think that Archontics (Koszczaje) applied the subliminal mind programming principle here. It is based on supporting our subconsciousness with what our bodies do to their LETTERS. Our cells STONES, calcify, due to disturbing energy turbulence. Where we do not look, we are surrounded by these LETTERS everywhere. In schools, they tell us that reading books stuffed with them trains our minds positively affects our spiritual development, etc. In fact, the opposite is happening.

Reading interferes with the proper radiation turbulence in the cells. It also disturbs their self-cleaning of "stone". Most cardiovascular diseases are caused by mineral deposits in the blood vessels. Hardened cell membranes, eaten with fossils and polymers from fried fats, do not take nutrients from the blood properly and do not give away the residue after transformation.

Even if not everyone knows the Greek word LITHOS and will not consciously associate the notion of the LETTER with it, remember that we are all connected to artificially created, collective consciousness. As the experiments have proven, it is enough to program something big enough for a group of people, and the rest will take over this program even if they were located on a completely isolated island from the rest of the world.

Slavic characters not only actively support life processes in our cells. They also act as a deterrent to Archontics (Koszczajów) and all the etheric creatures from interdimensional space. Sticky notes with these signs can be applied to the portals from which you are attacked in your homes, i.e. mirrors, window panes, glasses in wall pictures, or in places where you store devices with quartz panels: mobile phones, TV panels, laptops, etc. also paint them directly on quartz mirrors and windows.

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