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Fundamental Difference Between a Sorceress and a Witch

The sorceress is definitely more positive than the witch, who in medieval times was supposed to be associated rather negatively.
There are two categories of practicing spells in the dark ages:
folk and satanic.

A folk sorceress is a pagan, a fortune-teller, a woman who predicts the future, has mysterious powers, knows the cure for every evil and inhabits an unknown place.

The satanic witch had the same skills as the sorceress, only that her powers were the result of a pact with the devil. And here comes to mind the allegory from the film "Mask", where the same mask dressed by a positive figure makes good spells, and dressed by a bad man creates a monster. This example also refers to the contemporary role of many politicians who, after receiving power, behave like witches after signing the pact with the devil.

Sorceresses in the Middle Ages existed, but as to the witches there is no certainty. Their existence is doubtful and many researchers assume that the witch is a figment of Christianity, which decided to fight against paganism. Innocent women were accused of being a witch (conspiring with the devil) and every admission of guilt was enforced by torture. As a result, many positive sorceresses and fairies who helped people were turned into bad witches. All in order to take control over ordinary people by real miscreants who acted under the cover of the church, where after signing the pact with the devil they dealt with alchemy, transmutation, astrology, magic, kabala, necromancy and prophecy without having to be afraid of persecution. (more about it HERE)

This pathology has excited not only the ruling elites, but also the church hierarchy and rulers, which continues to this day, an example of which is the New York Cabala, which practically controls the most important circles of contemporary power. A separate subject is the various secret societies known as the lodges, which have their origin from the Templars and the crusades organized by the Eurpoean rulers and the religious elite, which operate from the Middle Ages until now.

Deserving of special attention, is the secret "bone and scull" lodge, to which, until recently, almost the entire elite ruling the United States, which was nothing but a satanic association. It was only President Donald Trump who started the official fight against this pathology, which met with a negative reaction of the satanic lobby, which practically controlled almost all areas of life in the US so far.

Since the thirteenth century, basically no longer talk about sorceresses because every woman who was accused of practicing magic, was called a witch. Witchcraft is not a synonym for wizardry. According to modern researchers, witchcraft  is invented by the church in the Middle Ages to scare people and to fight against paganism. Witchcraft is called magic filled with a certain malice and connected with pacting with the devil. Sorcery, on the other hand, refers to real folk rites.

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