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Conscious and Subconscious Mind

The only tool that any man needs in magick is a mind. Conscious and subconscious mind.

Conscious mind
It is the mind responsible mainly for the awareness of its existence, as well as its position in time and space. It is what revises our goals and solves all logical problems. The conscious mind can be deceived.
In magick, very often ignored in the content, however, all tools, signs, symbols, precious metals and the like, are used to anchor meaning, that is, connect its laws with the subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind
You can call it your inner self or ego, depending on your worldview (we have different perceptions). It designs our desires, emotions and feelings. Every magic activity is focused on it. It is responsible for the placebo / nocledo effects.

What is Magic?
Magic in itself is the realization of specific tasks (spells, rituals, servitors, sigils, fortune-telling) in order to obtain an effect in the material world. It is a conversion of thoughts into action. To get it, you have to do a series of activities, believe in the meaning of these activities to get the effect. The last statement is wrong. The aware Magician knows that all these activities were created only to deceive the conscious mind, that along with the subconscious mind treat the given task as a fact achieved, accepted by the "heart" and "brain". Then the mind resonates with this fact, by which the universe is bending towards it.

Since we already know that the purpose of our material tools is anchoring ... why not anchor our thoughts?
Aleister Crowley talked about it, treating it as an archmagic, pointing his finger the direction. I hope that those who take this direction will eventually understand how much their lives can change achieving this level. Those who reach it will understand for sure. The differences are huge. Limitations exist only in ourselves.

The subconscious mind will accept everything. It does not have a filter. It listens. It reads. It understands every sentence as the truth. That is why it is so important in the process of magical creation.
We forget about the conscious mind - which filters everything. For the subconscious mind. If the conscious mind accepts something, the whole process of the subconscious will be done. If it is the opposite, there will never be a subconscious process and the effect will not be achieved.

Adepts - wand, stones, runes ... that's all ... tools for the tool!
It's a hoax, cheating your own mind! In order for the main tool (mind) to function in the right direction! Take these bonds off your imagination and free it!

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