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Ritual for Gaining LOVE

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If you want love to come into your life, and you want magic to help fulfill your desire, you can do a magical ritual to get love by Scott Cunningham. To make it you need:

  • pink candle (but not a heater);
  • candlestick;
  • a piece of paper 10 cm long;
  • cinnamon stick;
  • censer or heat-resistant stand;
  • pink thread.

1. Visualize yourself in a happy relationship in which you and your partner are happy. Lay on a piece of paper your leading hand and say the words:

Love at the top and love at the bottom,
my feelings are hot.
The love that burns within me
brings a flame of love to me.

2. Take the candles in both hands and charge it with your energy. Use the words above for this again pronouncing them aloud.

3. Place the candle on the stand and place it on a piece of paper. Light the candle and wait for it to light up.

4. Then carefully insert a piece of cinnamon in the candle flame and wait for it to light up. Let cinnamon burn for at least half a minute, then remove it from the flame and put it on the stand away from the paper. The fire will go out, but the cinnamon should glow and smoke for some time.

5. When the cinnamon is gone, remove the paper from under the candlestick, place it on a flat surface and repeat the words above. At the same time, use the charred tip of the cinnamon stick to draw a small heart in the middle of the page. Then draw a bigger heart around him.

6. When you finish drawing, place the cinnamon in the middle of a piece of paper, wrap it in it, tie the parcel with pink thread. Leave the candle to burn out completely. Carry the wrapped cinnamon in paper with you as an amulet that attracts love to you.

To perform the rituals to attract love, the best day will be Friday, Venus Day, the days of magical holidays, time of the full and the rising moon. Let love favors you!

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