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The amulet or talisman after purchase is best to cleaned of all energetic impurities. The exception is gifts from a loved one, when we consciously want to preserve the energy that want to share with us: the desire for prosperity, protection or material proof of love and attachment. However, if you receive something very personal as a gift, you take it with all the energy, including negative emotions or sickness energies - follow your caution in this case.

The second such an exception, when we do not purify after purchase, are amulets or talismans intentionally programmed for a specific action by a magician or witch. In this case, either immediately get the amulet directly to our hands, or reach us in a protective package, so that only the magician and we have with it energy contact.

So suppose you have chosen a pendant or stone for yourself and would like to clean it. You can do it in several ways - choose the one that suits you best.

Ways of cleaning amulets and talismans.

  • Water treatment - place the amulet under a stream of cool running water in the tap - for about 1-3 minutes - and let the water rinse it from any energy pollution. It is a very simple and fast method of purification, probably the most commonly used.

  • Purification with water and salt - prepare a dish with water, add some salt to it (sea or stone, 1 teaspoon per glass). Leave the amulet in such water for a long time. If you have the option, you can add a handful of dried cleansing herbs to the water: lavender, sage leaves or vegetable cure. Please note that this method will not harm the amulet you cleanse, for example water will dissolve the rose of the desert.

  • Saline cleaning - you can put a talisman in salt. The salt has strong cleansing properties, so the amulet does not have to be in it for a long time, just a few hours.

  • Cleansing with soil - is a way to clean the amulet by placing it for a minimum of one or two days in the ground. Ii should not be clean in a pot with a plant. It is not advisable for plant if the negative energies would harm it.

  • Cleansing with white sage smoke or incense smoke - light sage or incense and place the talisman in a stream of smoke for a few minutes.

  • Cleansing over the candle flame - drag your amulet several times over the candle flame. If you can choose its color, use a white candle. Remember to be careful and do not heat up the amulet in one place, not to damage it permanently or hurt yourself.

  • Sound cleansing - the loud, clear ringing sound has a cleansing effect (you may have noticed that the church bells have a similar effect). Similarly, we can use the sounds of bowls and gongs - also recorded on CDs - or recordings of songs of Gregorian choirs, although the sound is more suited to purifying more space than small amulets and talismans.

  • Purification with Reiki energy - here anyone who can communicate the healing energy of Reiki will know how to do it, thanks to the knowledge gained from the classes during the seminar.

Amulet or talisman does not like to be touched by strangers.

In this case, anyone who does not own the amulet is an alien. It is always worth asking if you can view someone's property, even if it is the property of a well-known person. Just as you do not want anyone to touch your magic item, so do not do it to others.

If you have amulets to protect your home, place them so that they do not fall into the hands of the guests. If you keep a travel amulet in your luggage, put it away so that the control will not be able to touch it. You carry the amulet in your purse - put it in a protective bag.

What if a friend of great curiosity touches and looks at our amulet, which we wear as a pendant or bracelet? First of all, do not panic! :) Second, after returning home, simply clean up your amulet. Pay attention to this person, maybe (even unconsciously) try to connect to your energy - take care of your energy protection.

How often to clean talismans and amulets?

While using the amulet or talisman, it should be systematically cleaned. Once a week, twice or more - it depends on what situations you encounter every day. Certainly more frequent purification requires crystals that act as re-energizers, for example, rock crystal or smoky quartz, because they accumulate negative energies.

So if you had to take part in an unpleasant situation, you experienced a lot of stress, you were with someone who wish you badly or with an energy vampire, it's best to clean up your amulet, because it took over what could hurt you. Thanks to this, it will be able to protect you fully again.

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