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Natural STONES Protecting and Extending Aura

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People with a strong aura are full of energy, confident and self-controlled. A strong aura can help prevent disease. It is good to take care of the condition of our energy field. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can weaken the energy field that surrounds us. These include: stress, illness, electromagnetic radiation, overwork or mental attacks. With the last one, please remember that if we are healthy and have a strong aura, we are able to withstand attacks of jealousy, envy or hatred from other people (unless they are extremely long and determined).

Crystals and natural stones can help us with its energy in cleaning and strengthening our energy field. For example, keeping a rock crystal in front of the solar plexus chakra immediately strengthens the entire energy field.

The aura protection crystals include:

  • Amethyst - purifies the aura and attracts divine energy. It can also be used to repair energy field damage.
  • Ametrine - combines the properties of amethyst and citrine, protects the aura from energy attacks.
  • Amber - cleanses and revives the energy field. It repels negative energies and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.
  • Black tourmaline - a highly protective stone, especially against energy attacks.
  • Cytrine - purifies and harmonizes the aura.
  • Kwarc - it is perfect in all forms of aura protection. Cleans, strengthens and protects the energy field. It also repairs any damage to the aura.
  • Labradorite - prevents leakage of energy, which helps in maintaining a large and strong aura.
  • Selenite - gets rid of all negativity inside the aura. It also protects against energy vampires.
  • Green tourmaline - repels negative energy, repairs aura damage and provides protection.

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You can carry crystals protecting the aura with you in your purse,  pocket or make jewelry. Before we hide our stone into the bag, it is good to clean it and program it with the right intention. The easiest way is to wash the stone in a stream of cool water (if the day is sunny, for a while it is worth putting a stone in the sun to charge with the sunlight), then hold it in both hands, thinking that from now on the stone is supposed to protect and strengthen our aura. Every now and then we repeat this procedure, especially  it should be performed for quartz, because they are effective re-radiation agents and very quickly accumulate unfavorable energies.

More crystals with aura-protecting properties can be found in Richard Webster's book " The Complete Book of Auras"

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