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Round Broom

The round broom has long been associated with sorceress and magic, both in fairy tales and in reality. Broom is one of the necessary tools used in spells, and at the same time an object present in every house properly and thus "safe".

The broom is used as a wand, by means of which you can direct positive energies, "sweep" bad forces, set magic circles or sweep the hearth. Sorceresses used two cross-shaped
brooms to secure homes against negative influences.

How to make a magic broom:

- a meter (or slightly longer) smooth stick with a diameter of approximately 3 cm (you can decorate it),
- a pile of straw or birch twigs (length 40 - 50 cm)
- a meter of string made of natural material.

1. Spread straw or twigs along one end of the stick, so that the end of the shaft and the end of the twigs are on one level and very tightly, and carefully tie them with a string.
You can further strengthen the bonding with glue.

2. Next, bend the twigs down, so that their ends protrude beyond the shaft.

3. Finally, tie the tops with twigs for the second time. You can crop the twigs, so that the broom is aesthetic.

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