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For many people amulets, talismans and objects that bring happiness are as important as for people who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Even those who do not express interest in this topic use them, have an object that they believe guarantees them prosperity and success, for example, during exams or other important life situations. Also in the Magic shop of you will find a huge amount of amulets and talismans from various cultures, whose activity you can adjust to your needs.

After choosing the right amulet or talisman, it's good to clean it energetically .......... After cleaning, you should charge your talisman energetically, so that it works according to the will of its owner. Richard Webster in his book "Amulets and Talismans" provides several ways to load talismans with specific energy. Webster does not use the names "amulet" and "talisman", but sees the differences between the amulet and the object that serves as a talisman.

The word talisman comes from the Greek word teleo meaning "to consecrate". Talismans are magical items that must be endowed with unusual properties in some way. In other words, you have to recharge them so that they get the energy that will allow them to perform a specific task.

Talismans are objects designed to provide specific strength, protection, courage and energy to people who wear or possess them. It is very important that they always provide specific benefits to their owners and are usually created for a specific purpose.
Talismans can be made of almost any material, usually made of metal, stone or parchment. Sometimes there are words or images on them. They are often prepared in moments of spiritual and cosmic importance, to more effectively provide power and energy to their owners.

Amulets differ from talismans in that they serve more general purposes and are usually intended to provide protection against threats. They can also drive off sickness and ill luck. Talismans are active, while passive amulet do not create anything specific, but rather react to the events occurring in the life of the people wearing them.

Talisman charging method based on concentration.

This method is simple and effective, but it should be spent a few days. Twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, place your talisman in your joined hands and concentrate all your energies on it. Focus on the goal you want to achieve with it. Concentrate on it as long as possible. Complete this procedure as soon as your thoughts begin to wander. Place the talisman in a safe place, for example in a bag of natural material, and leave it there until you are ready to continue working with the talisman. Repeat this process for several days in a row. At some point, you will just feel that the object in your hands is fully charged. When you reach your goal, your talisman is ready to use.

Talisman loading method based on associations.

This method involves placing the talisman in a container with other items that are related to your desire. For example, if your talisman is to attract prosperity, you can put it in a container filled with coins, jewelry and other signs of wealth and abundance. If it is to attract love, put it in a container filled with signs of love: rose petals, pictures of people in love, etc.

Pick up your container and think about the goals you want to achieve with the talisman. Repeat this twice a day for three days. Then take the talisman out of the container and place it between the joined hands. Think about your goal again and see if the talisman reacts in any way. Perhaps you will feel the warmth between your hands or it just lets you feel that the talisman is fully charged. If the item does not react in any way, put it back in the container and perform the entire procedure again.
More ways to charge talismans with energy and everything about amulets and talismans, you will find in Richard Webster's book "Amulets and Talismans".

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AMULET or TALISMAN - What's the difference?

Pagan Belief
Published by in Amulets or Talisman ·
Tags: amuletstalismans
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