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OM Amulet Yoga Bracelet

OM Amulet Yoga Bracelet

Vintage OM Amulet, Natural Stone Beads Strand, Bangles Vintage Blooming Color, Yoga Bracelets For Women / Men.

Function: OM refers to peace and positive spirit which controls mental stability and way of performing arts, also provides sestful sleep.

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Ouroboros Snake Amulet

Ouroboros Snake Amulet

Ouroboros Snake Amulet, Round Rope Leather Necklaces & Pendant, Jewelry On The Neck For Women.
Size: diameter rope perimeter: approx 50cm, pendant: 4.4x4.5cm.

Function: To Ancient Egyptians the Circle of Ouroboros was worn as a protective talisman by both the living and the deceased. Symbolized renewal, infinity and represented the travels of the sun disk.

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Peacock Pendant Amulet

Peacock Pendant Amulet

Fully-Jewelled Peacock Pendant Necklace, Bohemian Phoenix, Sweater Chain Amulet, Gift.
Size: about 45cm/Peacock width: about 4.4cm, padant=10cm
weight: about 14g.
1-2mm error might exist due to manual measurements, please kindly understand.

Function: Not only the peacock is a symbol of beauty, but also strength and courage no matter what the external circumstances.

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Rune Algiz - Protection

Rune Algiz - Protection

Handmade Pendant Stainless Steel Engraved Rune Algiz letter. Slavic Amulet talisman Gift for her Elder futhark Tree pendant. Spiritual pendant. Magic Mystic tool jewerly.
Item Diameter: 2cm
Item weight: 3g
Runes are symbols (letters) of the ancient Slavic and Scandinavian written language. Each rune has a name, a phonetics (sound), a symbolic image and, finally, an esoteric meaning used in divination, divination and defense.

Function: Rune-Algiz corresponds to the letter Z. It means reinforced strength, protection and unity. This rune is designed to protect yourself and others, give a sense of security, openness and support. It helps to enter a good development path, provided that you are guided by your instincts and your own intuition.

Rune gives you pure mind, clear thinking and wisdom in making decisions. With Algiz rune you do not have to be afraid, it is a kind of guardian of a good hero. If you only remember your power and strength, it activates the protective energies. However, regardless of the protective strength of the rune, do not take life carelessly and do not put yourself in danger. The support and umbrella of a symbol user only works if we do not abuse our power, but only use it for our own development.

Algiz is a strong protective - its protection level is the strongest of all runes. It protects against negative energies from outside, against intrusive thoughts, emotions and toxic people. There are three symbols associated with it - elk horns (a large animal that stands up unbeaten in defense of its loved ones), an imprint of the swan's paw (a bird that feels perfectly in three environments, in water, on land and in the air and who defends its territory like a few people), a man with his arms outstretched, who draws cosmic energy and defends himself against all evil. The energy of this rune materializes the most when we act according to the self-preservation instinct - we defend ourselves against aggression, disease, protect the family and our own area.

Rune improves the mood, gives strength, balances energy in the human body. This is rene with anti-depressant properties, cares for the health of the owner, protects the immune system, strengthens the body. It makes it easier and clears the way to the subconscious, it brings strength and prosperity. It adds grace, brings love, keeps you away from misfortune.

Runa Algiz is a great re-radiator. In order to feel its effect, it is necessary to put a rune in places where we feel worse - under the bed, at work. If you have a reduced mood, you should draw a rune of Algiz.

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Rune Raido - Travel

Rune Raido - Travel

Handmade Pendant Stainless Steel Engraved Rune Raido letter. Slavic Spiritual Amulet. Gift pendant. Magic, Mystic tool jewerly.
Item Diameter: 2cm
Item weight: 3g

Runes are symbols (letters) of the ancient Slavic and Scandinavian written language. Each rune has a name, a phonetics (sound), a symbolic image and, finally, an esoteric meaning used in divination and defense. Translating into today's language, the closest equivalent will be the word "grow" or "create yourself."

Raido - is the equivalent of the letter "R". Its name means circle, movement and travel. Raido is an energy rune of the elemental air.
The most common associations with the Futhark Raido rune are long, difficult, full of experience and maturing traveling. It is not only a physical journey, but also a journey on layers of spirituality. Rune protects travelers and traveling leaders. Its energy encourages to act and can move even the most-established structures. It helps achieve goals and make your dreams come true. It removes internal blocks, opens up new ones, supports development and expansion. Raido is a practical reflection of what was the inspiration of the Futhark rune - Ansuz.

In fortune telling Raido, it points to new experiences gained during travel, where travel does not necessarily mean moving, but it is metaphorically pointing to life. The rider's symbol stimulates the opening to new experiences, stimulates to leave behind rigid frames and exit to the world with open arms. It also helps to get out of anxiety, sadness and disappointments. It makes it easier to get to know the world and people, it brings us situations that will direct our lives to other paths - probably those that lead to something better.
It is also a journey and searching for your place on earth, a rhythm disorder and getting a new one, freedom.

As a talisman, rune is designed to attract favorable situations, affects the change of location for the better, protects against procrastination, does not allow to sit still and not allow boredom. This amulet, which once facilitated wandering between worlds.

Life is a recurring series - if the lessons are not reworked, they will come back with increased strength in the least appropriate moment, from the point of view of convenience. It's only up to us if we do all the lessons and get more out of this life or not. When Raido's rune appears on the table, we can be sure that things will go forward, stagnation will be interrupted, a change will come which will turn life 180 degrees.

It is not the easiest rune - it forces you to think about the direction and take a specific action. Changes are not comfortable and are usually accompanied by stress, but in general it will be worth it. The changes will come like a breath of fresh air.

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Summer Solstice Talisman Bracelet

Summer Solstice Talisman Bracelet

Summer Solstice neutral, handmade talisman bracelet, Full Moon Glass, Wiccan, Pagan Jewelry, Gift.
Material: leather, glass
Clasp Type: Lobster style clasp,
Chain length: 18cm + 5cm (extended chain)
Base diameter: 28mm
Middle glass size: 20mm
Shape: Butterfly

Function: Summer solstice talisman bracelet heightens intuition, brings clarity, amplifies positive energy, healing and love.

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